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Voice actor wanted

2010-04-18 01:01:44 by WeirdoZInc

Hi. I'm looking for someone to voice a character of mine in a ~1 min animation assignment I'm doing for university.

The character is a young male critter seen in the pic at the bottom of this post. I can't pay anyone 'cause I'm a poor student, but I can owe a favor to whoever accepts. Also, if I like the voice enough, there's promise of more work for the same character in the future.

Here are links to the animatic and script for the project (please ignore my horrible, sub-standard voice placeholder). In addition to the lines indicated in the animatic and script, I'd also like some grumbling for the climbing scene and an appropriate response for the character falling.

Overall there is a decent amount of room for some improv, provided you fit within the time constraints of the animatic and keep the general idea of the original script (and NO profanity).

The cut-off for interested parties is one week from now, as the final recording will need to be done shorty after since animation is already in progress and the due date for the finished project is about 3 weeks away.

Thanks in advance to everyone who applies.


Updated animatic and script

Voice actor wanted


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2010-04-18 05:50:55

I'll take the job! My voice is pretty good. Tell me what to do.

WeirdoZInc responds:

Thanks for the interest. Send me some samples of you acting some of the lines in the script/animatic, either by links in a PM, email, etc. I'll get back to you in 7 days.


2010-04-18 06:07:50

I'm sorry! I lost my mic!


2010-04-19 17:07:45

As I said in my PM, I can give it a shot.
Will send something pretty soon. Hopefully today.